We Work At Cyberg To Make The Virtual World More Real

CyBERG Corp. Plc. is the developer of the disruptive 3FA (Food/drinks For Free Anywhere) model. We are building up a global digital community through bricks and mortar touchpoints where physical filters supported by new technologies ensure the cleanliness of data and filter out fake profiles and false information. As an incentive we offer discounts or even free products/services in the physical shops.

Balázs Rózsa

A message from our CEO

Our vision is to offer food and drinks for free in restaurants and cafés while cleaning the world of fake profiles. Not a small task, but we are ready for it!

CEO's vision

Cyberg On The Stock Market

The corporation was listed on the Budapest Stock Exchange Xtend market on 19 Oct 2018. First trading date: 10 Jan 2019

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Software Engineering Team

In 2020 Bitgap Ltd. became a 100% subsidiary, so a highly skilled software engineer team has joined CYBERG. The professional team mainly has been engaged in fintech and logistic solutions based on blockchain and cloud technologies, but have also established digital sales systems of high conversion potential, enhanced with gaming elements, artificial intelligence and machine learning. For a key client (PayCap) they have recently developed a global payment system. Earlier, Bitgap worked for Silicon Valley companies such as First Foundry, GarageGames, and Disney Interactive.

Coffeeshop Company is the first mover to launch 3FA model

1 April 2020

The two companies agreed that CYBERG supports Coffeeshop Company in establishing additional digital services and revenue sources and launching the 3FA model in their shops. The Austrian franchise network currently has more than 200 units around the globe.

New revenue stream is built by the acquisition of BITGAP

17 February 2020

Through the acquisition of BITGAP, a software developing company, CYBERG has established a new revenue stream, added access to a large US network, and built up a significant in-house software engineering capacity.

CYBERG Corp Kalliwoda research update

6 February 2020

Download the new update about CYBERG from Dr. Kalliwoda Research GmbH, the independent German supplier of equity and bond research specialized for Mid- and Small-Cap companies.

Kajahu - Food Together

CYBERG is the owner and developer of the social digital restaurant chain, KAJAHU. The joy of dining together remains the same, but the customer communication is via new technologies, order and pay set from mobile or touchscreen tables. Our development team continuously improves hardware and software components, analyses data and develops/tests innovative elements of the 3FA platform. KAJAHU is expanding around the globe through an asset light sales system. Its hybrid business model merges fast casual dining with the technology sector and redefines what a franchise restaurant chain means. KAJAHU has 2 units in Budapest.

Franchise Information

We are looking for Master Franchisees to develop the KAJAHU brand together globally. If you want to risk less, earn more, work for a global purpose and have more fun, join our food-tech hybrid franchise network.

Franchise brochure


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✪ MASTERCARD – Retailer of the Year 2017
✪ DreamJob Award 2017, 2018