Cyberg is an innovative information technology company, listed on the Budapest Stock Exchange

AnyUpp, our product digitizes the gastronomy and retail businesses; building a universal e-commerce platform. Besides, we also participate in significant international fintech and game development projects.

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AnyUpp - proprietary platform launched


AnyUpp is a cloud-based mobile ordering and payment solution for restaurants, bars and cafes. Later on, we will open up to other sectors and offer e-commerce services, making AnyUpp a universal e-commerce and loyalty platform.

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Videogame development


We love to play, we love to code and we love to connect the two. We are industry veterans, have been active in the international game development scene for many years now. Our international friendships and professional connections have allowed us to work on global projects for some of the world’s leading companies, primarily on the West Coast of the US.

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FinTech - digital finance


Machine learning, blockchain technology and the digitalisation of the sector will make financial services simpler, faster and cheaper. It’s a great experience to be part of this process and to make the world a better place.

Laguna Games
Disney Interactive
Cafe Frei

Our Team

CYBERG is a team of experienced managers and highly skilled software engineers. Our experts have mostly worked on financial and logistics IT developments based on cloud and blockchain technologies in the past, but have also built gamified, high-conversion sales systems based on artificial intelligence algorithms and machine learning.

We are constantly learning. We keep up with new technologies, but we are also constantly learning new methodologies for project management, teamwork and building the organisation. Our team is open, diverse, experienced, motivated and committed. We have juniors eager to learn and veterans who are internationally known and respected. We understand, teach and accept each other. We are united by the common goal of excelling and making a difference in the world.

Balázs Rózsa

A message from our CEO

I think that the use of data is not taboo. Just like most innovations, its value depends on what it is used for. We aim to set the world on the right path in this regard.

CEO's vision

Cyberg On The Stock Market

The corporation was listed on the Budapest Stock Exchange Xtend market on 19 Oct 2018. First trading date: 10 Jan 2019

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Today boundaries are blurred. It is difficult to see clearly who and what is right and true. We are building a clean database for real people living in real communities. This is our mission.

We believe in knowledge


We are passionate about lifelong learning, quality work and scientific discoveries that benefit humanity.

The world is global


We know that markets, customers and competitors do not stop at borders, nor do viruses or the fight for the sustainability of the planet.

We develop for people


We don’t want to live in a virtual world of fictitious information. We believe that real human connections, communities and encounters, physical places, people and events are essential. We do not respect self-serving and extreme technological projects, we like to develop a human-centred world.



We value and appreciate our partners, clients and colleagues. With considerable experience behind us, we are also humble and accepting, respectful and appreciative of others. We believe that doing good for all is only possible with mutual respect.

Technology is a good thing


We love everything that makes everyday life more comfortable, that supports change, renewal and development. We believe that this is the key to a better, safer and happier future.

AnyUpp in KAJAHU

1 September 2021

In summer 2021, the AnyUpp platform was launched in the KAJAHU Corvin test restaurant. Guests can order and pay using their mobile phones after scanning QR codes on the tables. The staff will have to go to tables less often saving time and resulting in a demonstrable reduction in labour costs.

Rambo Strike Force released

24 August 2021

The video game – published by Sandsoft Publishing – was recently released in the MENA region on iOS and Android platforms. Developed over several years under the management of CyBERG’s partner, Laguna Games, the game has been and continues to be developed with the participation of our experts.

Cooperation agreement with Cafe Frei

2 February 2021

CyBERG Corp. Nyrt. and Café Frei Central Europe Kft. agreed on 29 January 2021 in a Letter of Intent to collaborate on the digital development of the Hungarian-based international coffee chain.

✪ MASTERCARD – Retailer of the Year 2017
✪ DreamJob Award 2017, 2018